Check your Operating System (OS) version

To download the indeemo mobile apps you need to have the following operating system versions on your device:

  • Android 5 and above

  • iOS 10 and above (we do not yet support iOS 13)

If you have an older version of these operating systems you will not be able to download the indeemo app but will be able to use indeemo via our mobile website that works on all devices.

If you cannot download the apps, please email us at and we will send you the link to access the mobile web version of indeemo.


indeemo Support.


To check your operating system version follow these instructions:

iPhone / iPad

  1. On your iPhone/iPad, go to Settings

  2. Select General

  3. Select About

  4. Look at the Version line



  1. On your smartphone/tablet, go to Settings (the gear icon)

  2. Select About Device (in some device it’s under the General or More section)

  3. Look at Android Version


Don’t have the right operating system?

If your operating system version is less than Android 5 or iOS 10, please contact us as we will send you a link to access Indeemo using our mobile website.