How Indeemo helped a TV streaming company to understand the on-the-go user viewing experience


The way in which we watch TV has become unrecognisable in recent years as we transition from terrestrial and cable TV to streaming platforms. The rapid emergence of various streaming platforms has meant that viewers have lots of choice when it comes to providers, but it also means that viewers are not confined to watching TV in their homes. Mobile devices now mean that you can catch up with your favorite show or even watch your favourite sports team live, anywhere, any time.


The Challenge


With a rollout of 5G networks across the globe in the coming years, video streaming is going to become even more accessible for everyone.

However, we know little about the experiences, habits and needs of users when it comes to streaming on the go. When our client approached us, this was a large part of the challenges they faced.

They wanted to understand the user experience of streaming apps, including their own offering. But without knowing the context of where, when or how users streamed on-the-go, they were unsure of how to tailor the UX of their mobile app and website.

They had largely optimised their offering for in-home users, but now they needed to cater to the fast-paced, mobile requirements of viewers.


The Goals


Our clients goals were to:

  • Understand the user experience of live TV streamers using both their own and their competitors live-streaming apps

  • Understand the motivations, habits and needs of live TV streamers both in-home and on-the-go

  • Gain in-the-moment, in-context insights from users as they watched live TV on-the-go


The Solution


By using Indeemo, our client was able to accompany each respondent as they diaried all their TV moments over the course of 3 weeks.

Using Indeemo’s ability to segment respondents into target groups, our client was able to recruit established users, new users and test users and compare their experiences. This meant that they could tailor their tasks for each target group relevant to their stage in the customer journey. Utilising our reminder functionality, our client was then able to probe respondents uploads in real-time as they uploaded, delving deeper into their experiences.

Through a series of video, photos and text uploads, respondents showed their locations and gave detailed context into where they were as they live-streamed TV on their mobile devices. This allowed our client to contrast the needs and experiences of respondents in an in-home and on-the-go context.


Indeemos mobile screen-recording capabilities also opened up a window into how respondents used their mobile devices use both websites and apps to watch TV. In response to tasks, respondents showed how they search for TV channels and shows and watched them on the go. As they navigated both our clients and competitors apps, they were able to explain their decisions and experience through the voiceover on the screen-record function. This also proved valuable in capturing in-the-moment feedback on images and videos embedded within tasks of ads and app UI concepts.

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Indeemo has been used successfully to test concepts, products and adverts ranging from smart wearable devices to low calorie beer to recycling advertising campaigns to comms testing aimed at medical consultants.

Our customers consistently remark on the richness of the feedback that can be captured using video and autoethnography compared to lab or central location testing.

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