Using mobile ethnography to understand the impact of Voice Assisted Technology on listening to and discovering music.

In an era where consumers’ interactions with brands increasingly become powered by voice assisted technologies, the normal rules of engagement no longer apply. One industry where voice is already having an impact on user behaviours is Music and Entertainment.

How we listen to music has evolved rapidly over the years as technology has quickly gone from Compact Disc, to MP3 players to Streaming Apps. More recently, voice assisted devices like Amazon Echo have further transformed the landscape. These devices let listeners control and listen to their music without ever using a handheld device or scrolling through playlists. As this is such a revolutionary way of discovering and consuming music, fans are at various stages of adoption of the technology and integrating it into their music-listening habits.


The Challenge

Whilst adoption of these devices has been significant, it is still difficult to understand just how they are being used in the everyday lives of music fans.

In addition to being newly developed devices, the fact that they are used solely in the context of the home has made it even more difficult to gauge just how fans are using and engaging with them.

Music can be quite personal and the in-the-moment context of what fans listen to, how they listen to it and why they use certain devices as part of their routine can be a challenge with traditional research methodologies.

The challenge was getting an authentic insight into the exact role voice assistants play in fans’ music listening rituals and routines.

The Goals


Our clients objectives were to:

  • Understand how music fans use voice assisted devices to discover and listen to music in their homes.

  • Gain an insight into how fans at different stages of voice assistant adoption use the devices as part of their everyday music listening routines.

  • Establish if there are differences in how fans in different geographical regions use voice assistants to listen to music.


The Solution


Working with Indeemo, our client identified 3 distinct personas of voice assistant users based on their stage of adoption. Each segment was further split into 3 separate demographics. By splitting the respondents into the required Target Groups, we enabled our client to see exactly how fans aged 18-24, who were early adopters of voice assistants in a particular country, used the device as part of their everyday routines. Because of Indeemo’s ability to task in any language, experiences were captured in the respondents’ native language and gave our client a completely authentic insight into the behaviours of a diverse range of users.

Over the course of 3 weeks, respondents, across 3 countries uploaded in-the-moment photos, videos and text which recorded how they used voice assisted technology to listen to music in their homes. Completing 6 tasks, they showed our client what music they listened to, when and, more importantly, the role voice assistants played in their music consumption routines.

Mobile Ethnography provided a contextual periscope into the everyday lives of their music fans and enabled our client to better understand the user experience of fans who use voice assisted technology for both music discovery and consumption.


Voice assisted technology is transforming how consumers interact with and experience brands.

How do brands cut through in an era where voice makes their visual identities completely invisible?

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Indeemo is used by Experience Designers and User Researchers for diary studies and observational research ranging from understanding how people shop online to recording how business people book taxis at an airport to understanding out of the box experiences to observing how consumers shop for snacks at convenience stores.

Our Research and Design clients consistently remark on the richness and depth of insights that they can capture using Mobile Ethnography.

The ability to seamlessly analyse contextual video from multiple respondents on a single dashboard can significantly improve the efficiency at which researchers can analyse and synthesise this behavioural data.

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