This page has all the information you need for every milestone of your Indeemo journey: everything from introducing Indeemo to your clients, to setting up and running your project. There are typically 3 phases to a Project on Indeemo:

PRE-PROJECT: steps 1 - 3 below explain how to introduce Indeemo to colleagues or clients, how to get a quote and what you need to tell your Recruiter about Respondent’s smartphone and OS requirements.

SETTING UP YOUR PROJECT: steps 4 - 6 explain what to do once your project is approved: how to arrange a demo with us, how to download our Task List template (with tips of Task design) and how to submit your Project to Indeemo for setup.

RUNNING YOUR PROJECT: steps 7 - 9 explains how to invite Respondents, Moderators and Clients, how to Moderate projects and analyse the data.

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1. Introducing Indeemo to Clients

Info and Collateral to introduce Indeemo to clients or colleagues.

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2. Get a Quote / RFQs

Submit your RFQ and we will get back to you ASAP.

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3. Smartphone / Recruitment info

All the info you need for Recruitment & Respondent Smartphone requirements.

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4. Training & Demos

View a Demo Video and schedule Training for you, a colleague or a client.

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5. Task List Design

Detailed information on Task Design. Download our Task List template.

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6. Setting up your Project

Detailed instructions on how to submit and set up your Project.

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7. Inviting Respondents

Instructions on how to Add Respondents to the platform and then invite them.

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8. Adding Colleagues & Clients

How to add your Research colleagues and Client observers to your Project.

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9. Moderation & Analysis

Tips and advice on successful Moderation and Analysis of Project Data.

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1. Introducing Indeemo to Clients

We will support you in any way possible when it comes to introducing and selling Indeemo into your clients. If any of the following collateral doesn’t meet your requirements, contact us and we will get back to you asap with more customised material.

For an Overview Presentation on Indeemo’s capabilities, or if you need a sell-in deck for a client proposal, click on the button below to download the latest sell-in presentation.

We regularly update this PDF, so please download a fresh copy here for every new project to ensure you have the latest draft.

If you need screen shots of the App or Dashboard to include in your own presentations, click on the following images to find assets related to various industries / use cases. If you need customised images, please contact us.


2. Get a Quote / RFQs

If you need to prepare a client proposal or have an upcoming project that you would like us to quote for, please click on the button below, fill in the RFQ form and we will get back to you right away.

If you need to brainstorm possible ways that Indeemo can support you with the brief or if you need to discuss a project in detail, schedule a call by clicking here.

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3. Smartphone Specs & Recruitment info

Respondents Smartphone Requirements

For projects that do not involve Screen Recording, Respondents will need to have Smartphones running iOS 10 and above or Android 5 and above.

If your project involves the use of Indeemo Screen Recording, then respondents must have an iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8 or X running a minimum of iOS 13.x or an Android Smartphone running an Android OS v 5.x to Android OS 10.

Please note that on devices running on Android 9 and above, Screen Recording will not work correctly if respondents browse using incognito/private mode on their browser. We advise you instruct participants to use the normal browser to capture their on screen activity.

Info to send to your Recruiter

Quality recruitment is critical to the success of your projects on Indeemo. Click on the link below for an email template that contains all the information and instructions you need to send to your Recruiter so that they can appropriately screen Respondents and ensure that they have the necessary Smartphone specs to take part in your Indeemo project.


4. Training & Demos

If you are new to Indeemo and would like to schedule a Demo, get some Training or need to discuss strategies for Task Design, click on this button to schedule a screen share at a time that suits you best.

Demo video: this video will give you a overview of how the Indeemo Respondent App and Researcher Dashboard work.



5. Task List Design

When it comes to Tasking on mobile, our data confirms that less is definitely more.

Click on the button below to download our Word Doc Task List template.

This doc has detailed information and tips on Task Design, best practices and a blank template for you to fill in.

If this if your first project, please email us your first draft or schedule a quick call so that we can quickly preview your draft and suggest any possible optimisations to ensure you get the best possible results when using Indeemo.


6. Setting up your Project

Currently, adhoc projects are set up by Indeemo once you submit all of your Project details via the Dashboard.

If you choose to licence Indeemo under an annual subscription, a full suite of Project Management tools are available to enable you to autonomously set up and manage your own projects.

Please find below instructions on how to set up a New Project on Indeemo.

  1. Start by downloading our Task List template and reading our tips and suggestions for task design.

  2. Input your Tasks and get it signed off by your client (if needed). Use multiple Templates if different Target Groups require different Task Lists.

  3. When the Task List has been approved, login to our Dashboard via the Client Login link at

  4. Click on New Project, input your Project Details, attach your Task List(s) and submit your project for set up.


This tutorial video will show you everything you need to do to submit your Project to Indeemo for set up.


Project setup lead times

To ensure you have adequate time for training, project set up and adding Respondents to Indeemo, please allow the following lead times:

  • First project (single country): 3 working days

  • First project (multi country): 4 working days

  • Subsequent project (single country): 1 working day

  • Subsequent project (multi country): at least 2 working days

To ensure accuracy in the Project setup, we can only set up projects where all the necessary info has been submitted using the Indeemo Task List template via the Dashboard (as above).

If you have any questions or issues, please email us at and we will get back to you asap.

Once Indeemo has set up your project we will email you with details so you can preview the project and correct any typos etc. using our Manage Projects dashboard.

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7. Adding & Inviting Respondents

Respondents can only be added to Indeemo once your Project has been set up on the Platform. Respondents should NOT be invited before their email addresses are linked to your Project. (For information on Respondent Smartphone requirements click here).

To Add Respondents to your Project and invite them to take part, do the following:

  1. Login to Indeemo via the Client Login link on

  2. Go to the Respondents screen and click on the Add Respondents button (see 1 in the image below).

  3. Copy / paste the email addresses of your Respondents into the relevant Target group.

  4. Email the respondents from your own work email address using the Respondent Email Template (see 2 in the image below).

Respondents then register to create an account, download our App and log in to complete their tasks.


If you need separate logins for your Recruiter or Panel Provider, please contact us at and we will arrange for the necessary login and training.

This tutorial video will show you everything you need to do to Add Respondents to Indeemo and invite them to take part in your project.



8. Adding Colleagues & Client Observers

Colleagues/ Moderators

Indeemo has a flexible permissions system to enable you to add Research colleagues and third party Recruiters or Moderators to your Project.

To set up a colleague, partner of client with Dashboard access, please email us at

Client Observers

Employees of your Client or internal stakeholders can also be given Observer logins that enable them to see the Respondents’ uploads and comments without being able to interact with the Respondents. Observer access is a powerful way to engage your client with the research as it progresses.

If you need to add Observers after a project goes live, please email us at

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9. Moderation and Analysis

Once your Project has been set up and your Respondents have registered, you will quickly start to see Responses appear on the Dashboard.

For detailed instructions on how to Moderate Projects and Analyse data using the Indeemo Dashboard, log in via the Client Login link at and go to our Help Page.


Alternatively, if you’d like to schedule a quick Screen share, click here.

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Any other questions?

Our mission is to provide you, your Clients and your Respondents with a 6* experience.

If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for above or if there is anything else we can assist with, email us or, if urgent, call us on +44 (0)845 528 0870 or +1 888 917 7480 and we will get back to you ASAP.


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