HRW and our partner agencies take the protection of your respondent and data privacy very seriously.

During your participation in this research, you are not obliged to complete any tasks or answer any questions that you are not comfortable with. You can withdraw from this project or any part of it, at any point without giving a reason.

The output of the task you create will be used by Healthcare Research Worldwide and the pharmaceutical company that sponsors only for analysis purposes and any other purposes you have explicitly agreed to with your signature on the consent form. Your identity will be will not be revealed at any point and your answers only connected with basic information about you, such as your country, age and gender.

Once your complete them, your tasks will be digitally uploaded and stored in strict accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and with the [British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association’s Legal & Ethical Guidelines.]

During your recruitment for this project you gave explicit permission for the sponsoring company to have access to materials you produce, including your notes, images, and audio and video files. This permission applies only for the purposes you selected. Your identity will not be shared, and you are in full control of what you note or record in response to your tasks. If at any point you are no longer happy to share these materials, please let us know and they will be removed and, if requested, securely deleted.

Please note that your project contacts do not have any medical training and cannot provide medical opinions or advice. Your daily check-in diary is for market research purposes only.



Finally, as part of our responsibilities with regard to ensuring the safety of medicines, we are required to pass on to the sponsoring companies details of any side effects/product complaints related to their own products that are mentioned during the course of market research (including during this task).

Should you mention a side effect or a problem you have had with one of the products of the sponsoring pharmaceutical company, we will to report this to them so that they can learn more about the safety of their products. We will ask you if you are willing to provide more details about the even, including your name and contact details for the company drug safety department to contact you. You are not obliged to agree to the sharing of your details even if you have previously given them to us for this research. If you decline to share, the adverse event or product complaint will be passed on anonymously with no link to your identity.

If you have any questions on the above, or if any part of is it not clear to you, please do not hesitate to contact

[NAMED CONTACT] at <insert recruiter email address>

Who will be available to answer your questions.