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Indeemo’s Mobile Ethnography App and Qualitative Research Platform make it easy for Agencies & Brands to capture contextual, in-the-moment behaviours and insights that help them better understand their customers.


Brands we Support

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Our Mobile Ethnography platform puts you at the intersection of your Customer, their Context and the Moments in which they interact with your product, service or experience.


Looking for an agile insights platform to support your Innovation Journey?

We provide Researchers, Designers, Insights Teams and Brands with an agile research platform that supports them at every phase of their Innovation Journey.

After supporting hundreds of projects, we have identified 8 phases of this Innovation Journey where Mobile Ethnography can deliver impactful results.

Indeemo Innovation Journey


Capture authentic, in-context, in the moment behaviours, feelings and attitudes using Autoethnography and Mobile Diary Studies.

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Add an extra layer of contextual data to your Focus Groups and In-Depth interviews with Pre-tasking or Pre-work assignments.

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Video Diaries get you under the skin of your Target Audience and bring your Segmentations & Quantita

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Deepen your user and customer empathy using in-the-moment Contextual Diary Studies and Design Ethnography.

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Make your Concept / Ad Testing, Packaging Testing, Product Testing and IHUTs more agile by capturing in-the-moment video feedback.

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6. MAP

Use Video Diaries and Mobile Screen Recording to capture every online and offline micro-moment of your customer’s Path-to-Purchase

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Truly understand what your in-context, in-the-moment Customer Experience is like, for each milestone of your Customer Journey.

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Add Mobile Ethnography to your Shopper Research toolkit and see how Shoppers think, act and feel at the online and in-store point of purchase.

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Platform functionality

Our intuitive Mobile Ethnography Apps and simple to use Researcher Dashboard offer the following benefits:

In-the-moment, contextual research using the Indeemo iOS and Android Mobile Ethnography Apps

Mobile Ethnography apps

  • Our iPhone and Android apps are as familiar as Facebook and fun to use.

  • Flexible tasking options support a wide array of Research projects.

  • Ideal for international research, projects can be set up in any language.

  • Respondents post in-the-moment videos, screen recordings, photos and notes.

  • Engage respondents in-the-moment with Facebook style comments and push notifications.


Intuitive Insights Dashboard

  • Seamlessly aggregate and moderate uploads from Respondents.

  • Easily track Respondent activity and maximise engagement with Push Notifications.

  • Automated video transcription and analysis tools save you time analysing data.

indeemo mobile ethnography app indeemo online qualitative research insights dashboard

What our clients say about us


“The first time we worked with Indeemo, we thought they were too good to be true. The platform is incredibly smooth and more advanced than anything we’ve used before, and the Indeemo team is amazing, attentive, and helpful to work with. We’ve been working with them for a while now, and they continue to wow us — and our end clients — every single time.”

Jessica, Good Run Research


“We are huge fans of Indeemo. The tools is fantastic, simple and easy for us to moderate and analyse data. The App is elegant and engaging for respondents who time and again give us amazing insights and let us see the world from their perspective. The outputs continue to delight and surprise our clients. The team at Indeemo could not be more helpful, responsive and supportive – truly research partners with the shared aim to achieve the very best outcomes for us and our clients.”

Matt, Atticus Research


“Indeemo is a great platform which is easy for both participant and moderator to navigate. The assistance and service provided by the Indeemo team ensures projects run efficiently and smoothly. They are always happy to help and no request is too much for them”

Sunam, Trinity McQueen

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Indeemo has been used in both B2B and B2C projects by respondents aged 8 to 80.

Projects can be single location or multi country and durations range from hours to months.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can support your Research projects, please drop by at IIeX.

It would be a pleasure to meet you and share some case studies.

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