Small is beautiful: a Mobile Diary Study with as few as ten respondents lasting one week can quickly provide you with a rich, contextual data set that will heighten your empathy and de-risk further, more immersive phases of research and design.


What Researchers & Designers use our Mobile Diary Study App for.


Week-in-the-life Diary Study

Mobile Diary Studies immerse you in the everyday lives of your Respondents and get you under the skin of what really matters to them.


Consumption Diary Studies

Get Respondents to record every time they purchase or consume a particular product or service, how it makes them feel and why.


User Research Diaries

Contextual Mobile Diary Studies enable respondents to show you exactly how they interact with and experience products and services.

Mobile Diary studies are an agile, powerful way to truly understand your research participants.


Experience their everyday lives, rituals and routines in a rich, raw and real way.

Using Indeemo for your next Mobile Diary Study

Mobile Diary Studies enables Respondents to effortlessly capture and diary contextual, everyday behaviours.

A Mobile Diary Study can transport you into the daily lives of Respondents in a scalable, non-invasive manner.

Media rich posts capture everyday routines and actions that shine a light on unexpected behaviours and possible unmet needs.


Mobile Diary Study Apps

  • Capture authentic, everyday behaviours from Respondents lives.

  • A fun, intuitive, social style UX that Respondents enjoy.

  • Tasks for your Diary Study can be assigned on a one-off or recurring basis.

  • Respondents effortlessly diary moments using Videos, Photos or Text.


Interactive Diary Studies

  • Instantly comment on Respondent posts and ask follow up questions.

  • Questions and prompts are immediately sent as push notifications.

  • Get a deeper understanding of users’ behaviours, habits, and opinions.

  • Push notifications reminders maximise Respondent engagement.


Diary Studies = Authenticity + Context

  • Our Mobile Ethnography apps get you closer to key moments of truth.

  • Flexible tasking options support a wide range of research use cases.

  • In context videos and photos vividly capture authentic behaviours and attitudes.

  • Screen Recording captures Respondents online behaviours and interactions.

Respondent posts are instantly displayed on a Pinterest style dashboard for you to observe and moderate.

Automated Video Transcription, intuitive analysis and coding tools make it easy to synthesise and analyse project data.

Mobile Diary Study Insights Dashboard


How our Mobile Diary Study platform works

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Use Cases for Mobile Diary Studies

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Mobile Diary Studies are a quick, agile way to get a deeper understanding of your customers everyday lives and behaviours.

Projects can range from a few days to as long as a year.

After supporting hundreds of projects, we’re learned a thing or two about optimising research for mobile and can activate your Mobile Diary Study in as little as one working day.

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