We see Mobile Ethnography as an umbrella, remote ethnographic research technique that encapsulates multiple research methodologies such as Diary Studies, Pre-tasking, Experience Design Research, Path to Purchase, Shopper Insights, Customer Journey / CX Research – all via the Respondent’s smartphone.

A Mobile Ethnography study with as few as ten respondents can quickly provide you with a media rich contextual data set that will increase your understanding of their everyday lives and both guide and de-risk further, more immersive phases of research.


What Researchers & Designers use Mobile Ethnography for

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Ethnographic Research

Week-in-the-life Ethnographic studies transport you into the everyday lives of your Respondents and in a user friendly, non-invasive manner.

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Diary Studies

Mobile Diary Studies help Respondents diary what they do / consume / purchase in-the-moment, how it makes them feel and why.

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Experience Design

Longitudinal Ethnographic Diary Studies enable you to see exactly how Respondents interact with and experience your product or service.

Mobile Ethnography gives you a real life periscope into the everyday context of your research participants.


Walk in their shoes and get under the skin of what really matters to them.

Using Indeemo for your next Mobile Ethnography Project

Mobile Ethnography enables Respondents to effortlessly capture and record the contextual, everyday moments that matter to them.

Mobile Ethnography enables you to walk in the shoes of your respondents and witness exactly how the act, feel and behave in relation to your research topic.

Given the fact that our app is always close to hand, Mobile Ethnography gets you much closer to key moments and touch points that other research methodologies.

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Mobile Ethnography Apps

  • Capture real-life, in-the-moment behaviours from Respondents.

  • An intuitive, social style UX that Respondents say is fun.

  • Research tasks can be assigned on a one-off or recurring basis.

  • Respondents effortlessly journal moments using Photos, Videos, Mobile Screen Recordings or Text.


Connect in-the-moment

  • Instantly probe Respondent uploads and ask follow up questions.

  • Probes and comments are immediately sent as push notifications.

  • Get a deeper understanding of triggers, barriers and behaviours.

  • A familiar, social networking style user experience maximises engagement.

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mobile ethnography indeemo app

Context + Immediacy = Authenticity

  • Our Mobile Ethnography apps give you a periscope into real life behaviours.

  • Flexible tasking options enable a wide variety of research methodologies.

  • In-the-moment videos and photos capture authentic behaviours and attitudes.

  • Screen Recording enables you to witness online behaviours and interactions.

Respondent uploads are instantly displayed on a user-friendly dashboard for observation, moderation and analysis.

Video transcription, keyword and thematic analysis tools make it easy to synthesise and analyse project data.

Reality on a Dashboard

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How the Technology works

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Use Cases for Mobile Ethnography


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Mobile Ethnography is a rich, agile way to get a deeper understanding of participants everyday lives and behaviours.

Projects can range from a few days to as long as a year but are typically 1 to 2 weeks in duration.

After analysing the engagement on hundreds of projects, we’re have learned a lot about how to optimise research for mobile and can activate your Mobile Ethnography projects in as little as one working day.

If you’d like to discuss your project and explore suggestions about how we might be able to support your research, please submit your details here and we will get back to you right away.

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Mobile Ethnography White Paper

Learn how Mobile Ethnography can supplement your research projects and generate richer contextual insights for your brands.

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