How Mobile Ethnography can gather insights on consumer attitudes and behaviors around vitamins and supplements.

Our client, a Branding and Innovation Agency, were commissioned by a leading supplements brand to uncover how consumers shopped for and integrated healthcare supplements into their daily lives. The brand also has a detailed website, informing people about all things health and well-being, and wanted to discover how consumers navigated and purchased specific products online.


The challenge

Understanding how people consume health supplements can be a challenge. Naturally, peoples health and well-being needs will vary throughout their lives. Not alone will different demographics use different products at different life stages, but every individual’s health is unique, making it difficult to fully understand their needs.

Our client was interested in getting authentic, in-context insights from all types of health supplement users to understand exactly how and why they used such products.

However, peoples health is quite a personal and private thing, so gaining that real-life and authentic understanding was proving a challenge.

The Goals


Our client objectives were to :

  • Gain an understanding of how different demographics used health supplements in their day-to-day lives, including the types of supplements they used, when they used them and why they used them

  • Understand what types of supplements people used, including how they research products, where and why they purchase them, and any other factors which have an effect of their buying experience

  • See exactly how and when they consumed supplements in
    real life circumstances


The Solution


Working with Indeemo, our client was able to identify 9 different target groups of supplements and vitamin consumers. Using Indeemo’s pre-tasking capabilities, they were able to capture respondents use, attitudes and understanding of supplements and vitamins in media-rich uploads. Respondents of all ages and backgrounds were using supplements, but not how we might have imagined. But by using mobile ethnography, the responses being gathered meant that the company was getting a window into their lives and the role supplements played.

During the week long diary study, our client was also able to use the unique in-the-moment probing tool to gain an even deeper insight. In the vast landscape of health supplements and vitamins, they were able to discover the exact combinations of supplements being used by respondents.


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Indeemo has been used successfully for pre-tasking and post-tasking across a wide range of industries in both B2C and B2B contexts.

Pre-work assignments can last as little as 10-20 minutes or can go on for 1-2 weeks.

Clients consistently tell us how much more productive their face-to-face sessions are as a result of getting to know respondents through Indeemo before they meet in person.

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