How mobile screen-recording helped an automotive company understand the user experience of their website

The automotive industry has gone through many changes in recent years as electric vehicles, hybrids and SUV’s have meant that consumers now have more choice than ever when it comes to purchasing time. Increasingly, consumers have taken their search online to assess which option is the best fit for their needs. Automotive manufacturers have had to work hard to ensure that consumers can find the necessary information, increasing their online presence and tools that help to inform consumers and convince them to buy their brand.


The Challenge

With the internet being consumers first port-of-call when it comes to purchasing a new car, manufacturers need to ensure first and foremost that their website meets the needs of buyers and convinces them to go with their brand.

Our client had recently redeveloped their website, including more images and content relating to their models. Additionally, they had also designed a 360 degree viewer and designer which allowed users to create an exact hologram of their vehicle before purchasing it.

But how consumers navigated and used their website and design tool was still a mystery.

The Goals


Our clients objectives were to:

  • Understand how consumers used their website to find information about their makes and models

  • Gain an insight into the user experience of consumers using their 360 degree viewer for the first time

  • Gauge consumers motivations and expectations for their newly designed website


The Solution


When our client approached us, we were confident that Indeemo’s mobile screen-recording feature would enable them to find the insights they needed. Over 12 days, they used a sequential task list to allow both automotive journalists and car-buyers to record their experiences on their website. The project began with both target groups giving an introduction selfie video about both themselves and their car. This task served to build up a profile of each respondent and build up a rapport with them from the outset.

Once these initial tasks were completed, both sets of respondents completed a series of tasks using Indeemo’s mobile screen-recording feature. For car-buyers, this involved going onto the clients website, finding a specific model, getting more information on it and then finding out if it came with a specific feature. Indeemo’s ability to segment targets meant that this process was particularly insightful for journalists. They were required to go onto the website, find a photo they could use for an article and navigate to the press office page to book an appointment with the press officer.


The mobile screen-recording feature became even more useful in the next phase of the project. It allowed both target groups to visit the clients website and use their 360 degree viewer tool. This was the first in-context insight into how both car-buyers and journalists found the experience of the tool. By allowing them to show their user experience of the tool in real-time, our client collected a bulk of recordings of how it worked and the real-life value in the tool for visitors to the website.

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