How mobile ethnography helped a mobile taxi app to understand every milestone in the customer journey of airport passengers

In recent years, the landscape of the taxi industry has been completely reshaped. As mobile apps have driven digital disruption in a long-established service, consumers have been quick to adapt to new methods of selecting, contacting and booking a ride. Although it is now easier than ever for both passengers and drivers alike to secure a fare, the method of doing so is no longer as one dimensional as it once was. Phone calls and hailing taxis the traditional has now been replaced by the more convenient method using a designated app.


The Challenge

Although it can be argued that taxi apps have made it easier for passengers and drivers, it has also presented new challenges and questions for the industry. Technology has meant that the human-centric element of booking a taxi has now been eliminated.

When our client approached us, they were finding that the transition away from real-life contact-points in the booking process meant that it was becoming more difficult for them to understand their customers journey.

In particular, understanding how passengers were organising and booking taxis before and after flights was almost impossible. Whilst surveys could indicate satisfaction with their service, to truly understand the customer experience they needed to go on the full journey with the passenger.

The Goals


Our clients objectives were to:

  • Map the full customer journey of passengers using taxis to travel to and from airports

  • Gain a deeper understanding of passengers influences and experiences when booking a fare through their app

  • Gain an insight into customers experiences of the app when making a booking before and after a flight


The Solution


Working with Indeemo, our client decided that they would use an all-at-once tasking method to allow passengers to document their full customer journey. The project began by having passengers introducing themselves through a selfie video on the Indeemo app. One the day of their airport trip, they then uploaded a series of photos, videos, notes and mobile-screen-recordings throughout the course of their journey.

In total, passengers responded to 16 tasks throughout the course of their journey, covering their travel planning, habits and behaviours and what mobile taxi adverts they encountered. In addition, every step of their journey was recorded from their booking experience on the app, being picked up, the in-taxi experience and a post-journey evaluation. Critically, this process was fully recorded by both new and existing users using the Indeemo app on the trip to and from the airport.


Using Indeemo’s screen-recording feature, passengers were able to show our clients exactly how they used the app whilst explaining in the voiceover as they navigated the screen on their mobile. As this was one of the key hurdles for our clients in understanding the full customer journey, it provided unique, in-the-moment access that was previously unattainable.

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