If you are reading this, we’d like to thank you for asking us to provide a quote for your Research Project.

Our mission is to provide you, your customers and your Respondents with a 6* experience when using Indeemo. We’re working to create a simple, intuitive and seamless user experience that maximises Respondent engagement, minimises the amount of time you spend on non Research activities and excites your clients with the volume and quality of data that Indeemo captures and you distill into the insights that will drive their businesses forward. Supporting you to ensure your project goes seamlessly from quote to completion is our top priority.

However, a lot changes between the time you ask us to quote for a Project and the time it might actually go to field. In order to avoid any potential issues, we ask that you read the terms below which apply to the quotation we emailed you. Clearly understanding these terms will minimise any potential for misunderstanding and maximise the chances that the Project will go seamlessly.

If you expect the Project requirements may change by the time the project is ready to go live, we recommend that you add a buffer to our quote to allow for any changes or alterations between what we quoted for and what may ultimately need to be set up. Alternatively please communicate these terms to your client so they are aware that any changes will require additional budget.

If you have any questions regarding your quote or the terms below and wish to discuss same, please email us or schedule a quick call using this link.


The Indeemo Team.

Specifically, here are the terms that apply to our quotation for your Research Project request on Indeemo:

  • For the purposes of clarity, you, the person or entity requesting this Project quotation from Indeemo is referred to below as you, your or the “Researcher”. If you, the Researcher, are carrying out a research project on behalf of another entity or person, that other entity or person will be referred to here as the “Observer”. “Respondents” are the individuals recruited by you and paid by you or the Observer to use Indeemo to take part in the research project to which this quotation applies.

  • The prices quoted are valid for 8 weeks from the date on which our quote was emailed to you. If the Project referred to in our quotation goes live more than 8 weeks after the quotation date, it will be treated as a New Project and will be subject to re-quote based on the Indeemo prices that apply at that time.

  • Our quotation is based on the Project Details provided by you in your Request for Quote (RFQ) and detailed in our quotation email. If the Actual Project Details submitted to Indeemo for setup differ from the Project Details in our quotation (e.g. the number of respondents changes, the number of countries changes, the duration of app usage by respondents changes, the number of Target Groups / Segments changes, the phasing of Target Group start or end dates changes, the number of tasks changes, the types of tasks: all-at-once, scheduled or sequential changes, the format of tasks: text only or tasks that include images or video changes, the purpose of the project changes, if there are any additional Observer requests / audit requirements needed prior to go live that were not mentioned before we prepared the quotations or if any other relevant details or information required to set up the project changes), the Actual Project details submitted to Indeemo will be treated as a New Project and will be re-quoted based on the Indeemo prices that are applicable at that date.

  • The price quoted is based on the assumption that the submission of the Actual Project Details will be final drafts that have been approved and signed off by the Researcher or by the Observer. If you submit Draft project details to Indeemo for project setup and later require edits or amendments, additional costs will apply.

  • Once the Project details have been set up by Indeemo, you will be given an opportunity to preview these details prior to go live to ensure there are no errors or omissions in the set up. The above quotation includes one phase of edits to the Actual Project Details prior to go live to correct any typos or text errors. Multiple iterations of the tasks and project configuration / details after Actual Project Details have been setup will incur additional costs. Unless expressly stated in our quote, it is assumed all task lists and associated tasks will be text based and will not include images or video.

  • Alterations to the Actual Project Details or project scope after the project goes live will be treated as a New Project and will be quoted for separately if such alterations are required.

  • The term Fieldwork relates to the period of usage by Respondents of the Indeemo iPhone app, Android app or mobile optimised website in order to take part in your Project. The Fieldwork duration will be as stated in our quote. Any request to extend Fieldwork duration beyond the dates stated in our quote will be treated as a New Project and will be quoted for separately if applicable.

  • Moderator access enables the Researcher to observe, moderate and analyse the Responses.Observer dashboard access enables the Observer to see the Responses and the Researcher / Respondent comments but not interact with or see the personal profile information of the Respondents. Moderator dashboard access to the Indeemo dashboard will be made available to employees of the Researcher and any subcontractors employed by the Researcher and Observer dashboard access will be provided to employees of the Observer for a period starting once the project has been set up by Indeemo and ending 8 weeks after the completion date of the Fieldwork as outlined in our quote.

  • At the end of this 8 week dashboard access period for Researchers and Observers, access to the dashboard will be removed for both Researchers and Observers linked to the Project and an optional bulk export (if explicitly included in the above quotation) will be made available to the Researcher or Observer in order to completely remove the project data from Indeemo. The bulk export will comprise an Excel file for all text based project information and a zip file (for each respondent) containing all the media uploads of each respondent. After this bulk export has been provided to the Researcher or Observer by Indeemo, the Researcher or Observer will have 1 week to export all of the Project data. The project data will be removed from Indeemo servers 2 weeks after the dashboard access period ends, unless the Researcher or the Observer elects to request a New Project quotation for extended hosting of the project data on Indeemo.

  • Invoices for New Projects will be issued on the date of the project setup request and all fees must be paid within 30 days from the date of the invoice (unless alternative phasing of payments or alternative terms are explicitly stated in your quote). Indeemo reserves the right to decline requests to quote for New Projects.

In accepting this quote you confirm that:

  • you act as Data Controller for this project and that Indeemo acts as the Data Processor entirely under your instruction.

  • you have obtained the consent of the Respondents who will take part in this research project to use the personal information they upload to Indeemo in order to take part in this research project and that this information will be used entirely for research purposes.

  • you have specified exactly to each Respondent how their uploaded personal information will be stored, used and distributed, for how long, and by whom and that they have explicitly consented to same.

  • you have obtained the consent of the Respondents to export their personal information from Indeemo to either your servers or the Observers’ servers and that you have explicitly outlined to the Respondents the exact location of said servers and if said servers are outside of the European Union.

  • you act as Data Controller and that all of the Researchers and Observers using Indeemo under your instruction for this research project have agreed to be bound by your own Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement that are applicable to this project.

  • you agree to abide by our Privacy Statement for the project to which our quotation applies.

Indeemo is a registered trading name of Tweekaboo Ltd, a company limited by shares and registered in the Republic of Ireland.