Indeemo’s Mobile Ethnography App and Qualitative Research Dashboard make it easy to capture authentic, in-context, in-the-moment behaviours and insights that help you better understand your customers.

Why Indeemo?

We believe in simplicity, agility and the power of real-time connections to uncover richer insights that create lasting value.  

We help Researchers, Designers, Insight Teams and Brands better understand how people behave, think and feel; in-context and in-the-moment.

If you need an agile, low cost, modern approach to better understanding your customers, scroll down to learn more about how we can support you.   

What Designers and Researchers use Indeemo for

How Indeemo works

Our mobile Respondent Apps and web based Insights Dashboard deliver the following benefits to Agencies and Brands:

Respondent friendly mobile apps

Available in every country for iPhone and Android, our apps are as familiar as Facebook and fun to use.

Respondents register with their email addresses, choose their own password and are seamlessly linked to your Project.

Respondents’ in-context, in-the-moment behaviours, thoughts and feelings are vividly captured using video, screen shots, photos or notes.

In app video compression minimises upload times, mobile data usage and maximises Respondent engagement.

Persistent local storage allows respondents to continue to save responses even when out of network coverage.

In-the-moment, contextual research using the Indeemo iOS and Android Mobile Ethnography Apps

indeemo pre task mobile ethnography app video tasking international research

Task any way, anywhere in any language

Flexible diary and tasking options cater for every methodology:

  • Mobile Diary Studies or Video Diaries for discovery research projects.
  • Non invasive Mobile Ethnography for contextual research.
  • Enrich your Focus Groups or IDIs with Pre-tasking and/or Post-tasking.
  • Scheduled tasking enables you to schedule tasks on a group by group basis. Push notifications automatically alert respondents when tasks go live.
  • Sequential Tasking is ideal for Customer Journey, Shopping Missions and Path to Purchase projects.
  • Embed visual stimulus or videos for Concept Testing or Adcept Testing projects.

Ideal of international research, Indeemo is built for multi agency collaboration and projects can be set up in any language.

Push Notification Probes and Reminders

Indeemo instantly connects you with Respondents in any location on a private one-to-one basis.

Our dashboard makes it simple to interact with multiple respondents across multiple locations from a single, intuitive interface.

Moderating on Indeemo is as simple as commenting on Facebook: simply type your comment, hit return and Respondents instantly receive your comments and probes as push notifications.

Respondents reply in the moment. Our desktop alerts ensure you never miss their replies.

Indeemo Mobile Ethnography App with Respondent Push Notifications

indeemo mobile ethnography app indeemo online qualitative research insights dashboard

Intuitive Insights Dashboard

Our intuitive Insights Dashboard makes it easy for Designers, Researchers and Client Insight Teams to seamlessly aggregate, organise and moderate photo, video and text uploads from Respondents.

User-friendly search tools and filters make it simple to search for responses by project, target / segment, respondent, task, date range, text string or tag.

Monitor and track Respondent activity at a glance. One-to-one and group Push Notification reminders maximise respondent engagement and achieve consistently high completion rates.

Download responses individually at the click of a button or as bulk exports on project completion.

Analyse, Timeline & Collage

Seamlessly toggle between Board, Timeline and Collage screen layouts.

Use our Timeline view to organise Respondent uploads chronologically so you can follow the exact timeline or journey of a project, target group, task or respondent.

Tags enable you to quickly analyse, code and classify responses into themes and concepts and then filter the data using your chosen tags.

Need to visualise what frustration looks like in financial services? Our one click Collage tools makes it simple to create Collages to enrich your reports and client presentations.

indeemo mobile ethnography app collage timeline qualitative research dashboard

Let us support your next project

Indeemo has been used successfully in both B2C and B2B projects by respondents ranging from 8 to 80. Projects can be single location or multi country and durations range from days to years.

Respondents consistently compliment the simplicity of Indeemo’s user experience. Our customers love the richness of the data we capture, the high levels of respondent engagement, the customer closeness we deliver and the 6* support we provide.

We’re experts at simplifying and optimising research for mobile and will activate activate your project in one working day.

We’re competitively priced, quick to respond and we always go the extra mile.

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