By blending mobile ethnography, mobile diary studies and mobile screen recording, we enable you to capture every offline and online trigger, barrier and touchpoint starting from that Google Search to recommendation sourcing to the actual purchase and beyond as your customer uses, consumes or experiences your offering.


Understand every moment from trigger to transaction and beyond

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Path to Purchase Diaries

Capture rich, in-the-moment experiences and influences on your customer’s journey to purchasing your product, service or experience.

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Mobile Micro-Moments

Mobile screen recording enables you to understand how customers discover, research, compare and transact using mobile.

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Pre-store, in-store

Flexible Tasking enables you to script shopping missions that capture each step of the shopper journey from home to store and back.

Let your customers show you what really happens on their path to purchase.

Mobile has completely transformed how today’s constantly connected customers discover, research and purchase products and services.

Whether it’s looking for a nearby restaurant or researching a big-ticket item, the path to purchase increasingly starts with a quick smartphone Google.

If you truly want to accompany your customer along their winding and iterative path to purchase, you need to think mobile first.

mobile ethnography app for path to purchase research

Path to Purchase Research Apps

  • Intuitive apps make it simple to diary key purchase milestones.

  • Capture the entire journey from trigger to transaction.

  • In-the-moment photos and videos capture key motivations and behaviours.

  • Understand who and what influences purchasing decisions and why.


Mobile Screen Recording

  • Understand the true impact of mobile on your path to purchase.

  • Capture how Respondents search and what sites engage them.

  • See exactly what content they tap on, swipe, pinch and zoom.

  • Voice recordings capture why they make split second decisions.

mobile ethnography app for path to purchase research
mobile ethnography app for path to purchase research

Probe key purchase moments

  • Interact with respondents using comments and push notifications.

  • Ask follow up questions within seconds of viewing respondents’ uploads.

  • Ideal for understanding in-the-moment, purchasing motivations...

See every offline and online purchase milestone on an intuitive, media rich dashboard.

View each customer’s journey in a simple to read, timestamped, chronological timeline.

Analyse and synthesise data across multiple journeys on a single, user friendly interface.

Powerful analysis tools and automated video transcription speed up analysis and reporting.

Path to Purchase Insights Dashboard

mobile ethnography dashboard for path to purchase research

How the Technology works

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Use Cases for Mobile Ethnography in Path to Purchase Research


Food & Beverage

How a Mobile Diary Study can help Food & Beverage brands get closer to Food and Drink consumption moments


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We’ve supported researchers trying to understand the path to purchase for everything from smartphones to domestic appliances to cars to hotels to garage doors and aquarium filtration systems!

The one thing they all have in common is that the journey is non-linear, random and omni-platform.

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Mobile Ethnography White Paper

Learn how Mobile Ethnography can supplement your research projects and generate richer contextual insights for your brands.

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