Example Use Cases for Mobile Ethnography

Mobile Ethnography is a flexible, agile and low cost digital ethnographic research methodology that can be used to compliment any research approach or pre-existing data / analytics.

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Mobile Ethnographic Research


Medical devices play a huge role in improving the lives of millions of patients around the world. Advancements in technology have meant that… Read More →


In the competitive world of sportswear, our client provided a running shoe designed for the most challenging conditions… Read More →

Children & Technology

Our client ran a global network of firms focussed on helping organizations to optimise the value of their services. One such service which… Read More →

Agriculture & Farming

The agriculture and farming industry is almost as old as time itself. Across the world, farmers work tirelessly to produce raw materials that…Read More →


Mobile Diary Study

Electric Vehicles

The transformational shift away from combustion engines to electric vehicles is well underway within the automotive industry. Like… Read More →

Beverage Occasions

Working with a Media Agency that specialised in FMCG and positioned themselves as experts in food and beverages… Read More →


Our client, a qualitative research consultancy who helped FMCG brands gain a better insight into consumers’ relationships with everyday… Read More →


Our client offers a unique leisure experience where consumers socialise in an activity-based setting. Unlike the typical bar or club… Read More →


Mobile Qualitative Research / Pre-Tasking

Health & Wellness

The end client was obsessed with natural medicine and had a passion for helping people eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle… Read More →

Air Travel

Our client was involved in Customer Experience research across a range of industries. They’d recently been approached… Read More →


Understanding the lives of patients is key when it comes to providing quality care and relief to alleviate their suffering. For that reason… Read More →

Mobile App User Experience

“There’s an app for that” used to be the running joke for a while back when the App Store burst onto the scene…Read More →


Video Diary Studies

Male Fitness

Our client specialised in providing up-to-date insights and strategies in the retail industry.They were approached… Read More →


Like so many other industries, Financial Services continues to face many challenges as the advancements of technology mean that… Read More →


Hair care brands need to constantly evolve, innovate and create new products to both adapt to rapidly changing market trends and stay… Read More →

Hospitality industry

The hospitality industry relies heavily on large numbers of employees to fill an abundance of roles. However, it is also one of the most…Read More →


User Research & Experience Design

Website Usability

The process of securing employment in current times is done almost completely online and increasingly on mobile. Job… Read More →

Voice Assistants

When music discovery and consumption is increasingly powered by voice assisted technologies, the old rules of engagement… Read More →

Internet of Things

As technology becomes evermore powerful and intuitive, it is playing an increasingly large part in how we manage… Read More →

Gamer Behaviour

Far from the humble beginnings of Nintendo, gaming in the 21st century has grown to be one of the most immersive experiential…Read More →


Concept & Product Testing

Male Grooming

A long-established player in the hair-care industry had a male hair styling-product which was one of their most successful brands… Read More →


Reaching Medical Specialists today for any form of research is more challenging than ever. Given their intense schedules and the fact that… Read More →

Beverage Product Testing

A consumer insights consultancy that specialised in Food & Beverages was asked to help an alcoholic… Read More →

TV Streaming

The way in which we watch TV has become unrecognisable in recent years as we transition from terrestrial and cable TV to streaming…Read More →


Path-to-Purchase Research

Car Purchase Journey

The way in which cars are purchased has evolved in many ways over the years. Traditionally, cars were sold through brick-and-mortar… Read More →

University Path to Purchase

Competition between Universities to attract students (especially international students) has never been… Read More →

Back to School Shopping

As children and teenagers return to school each year, parents are required to stock up on the supplies required for the… Read More →

Food Delivery Apps

The way in which we order our takeaway has gone through a rapid transition in recent years. Where we would once have made a trip to a small…Read More →


Shopper Research


Our Instagram and Snapchat feeds are increasingly awash with filtered selfies from friends, influencers and celebrities. Digital… Read More →

Robotic Appliances

The size and landscape of lawns varies a lot from house to house. For this reason, there is many different lawn mowers of various makes… Read More →

Beverage Occasions

Our client was an ethnographic research consultant, focussed on gaining insights into consumer behaviour in the FMCG industry… Read More →

Christmas Shopping

For many retailers, the festive season can be the make or break for their financial year. With record-breaking spending in recent years…Read More →


Customer Journey & Customer Experience

Tourism & Leisure

Our client operates a luxury travel experience predominantly aimed at the over 50’s. Their experience takes tourists on a trip of a lifetime… Read More →

Anatomy of a Journey

As consumers increasingly seek out unique and memorable experiences over material goods, museums and galleries have seen more… Read More →

Sports Fans’ Experience

Most brands would give their proverbial right arms to be able to achieve even a fraction of the emotional… Read More →

Holiday Diary

Our client was a leader in understanding digital insights in a world which increasingly integrates the digital with the real life… Read More →


Mobile Screen Recording

App Usability

In recent years, the landscape of the Taxi has been completely reshaped. As mobile apps have driven digital disruption in a long… Read More →

Health Insurance

Insurance is one of the most important purchases we make in our lives. However, it is also one of the most expensive and complicated… Read More →

Website UX

The automotive industry has gone through many changes in recent years. Electric Vehicles, Hybrids and SUV’s have meant that consumers… Read More →

Online Education

Software development is a profession continuous learning and progression. As is the nature of the game, developers must constantly work… Read More →


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