How a Mobile Diary Study can help Food & Beverage brands get closer to Food and Drink consumption moments

In today’s mobile first, share every moment world of Facebook and Instagram, Mobile Diary Study apps are a familiar and frictionless way to connect with consumers and better understand their consumption behaviors. Capturing food and drink moments using mobile diary studies becomes second nature to respondents and enables them to share not only what they consume, but also where and whom with.

Mobile Consumption Diaries get consistently high engagement from respondents, allowing Food & Beverage brands to gain insights on the everyday food and beverage moments that matter to their customers.

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Using Mobile for Consumption Diary Studies:

Social media sharing has become as routine and addictive as a morning coffee! By allowing Respondents to use a Mobile Diary Study App to record their daily food and beverage moments, your study is naturally aligned with their everyday routines and behaviors which results in more authentic data capture.

By setting open ended, photo or video based diary tasks which can be repeated daily for the duration of the fieldwork, brands can ‘digitally walk’ in the shoes of the Respondent and witness food and beverage consumption moments as they occur.

Task design for Mobile Diary Studies

To guide Respondents during fieldwork, gain the insights that matter and avoid any confusion, make tasks simple and straightforward. Start by including an introduction to the project highlighting the goal of your diary study and what is of particular interest by mentioning the following:

  • You are particularly interested in their everyday Food and Drink consumption moments, helping Respondents hone in on these occasions.

  • Giving the Respondents the flexibility to include items or experiences that they purchase or consume, giving you a more holistic understanding of their everyday behaviors.

  • Highlight that every moment matters regardless how big or small they might be. Encourage Respondents to capture and share all aspects of their everyday consumption behaviors and habits.

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Flexibility is key

In diary studies, less is definitely more. Giving Respondents the freedom to decide whether to post a photo or video, whatever they think captures the moment best, as their response, helps ensure you receive media rich responses.

With the addition of caption to further describe each moment they capture, the respondent can let you know:

  • Where they are

  • What they are doing

  • What the occasion is

  • What they are trying to achieve with this occasion

  • What they are thinking during this moment

  • How they feel before, during and after

Tasks can be created to segment different consumption moments, making it easier for the Respondent to assign their responses to the corresponding tasks and also for later analyses of the project by already having the responses segmented by treat type. You might have 3 tasks titled:

  • Food Moments

  • Drink Moments

  • Other Consumption Moments

Dig Deeper on Consumption Moments using Mobile

With the ability to probe and comment on Respondent posts in real time, you can prompt Respondents to reveal more insights by asking them questions in-the-moment as they are experiencing each occasion or reflectively after the moment has already passed.

Before fieldwork begins, have your prompts or discussion guide ready to be sent to Respondents depending on what they post. Doing this enables researchers and brands to ask even more targeted questions in relation to each moment.

What Brands can expect by using Mobile Diaries

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Using a well-designed Mobile Diary Study App that delivers a simple, social networking style user experience enables brands to get a deeper understanding of consumer behaviors in their everyday lives. The media rich, context rich data can bring your customer segments to life and humanize data that might have been captured using other research methodologies. The resonant nature of the outputs, particularly video, will enable insight teams to effectively communicate the insights to their internal stakeholders and rapidly turn your insights into revenue generating action.


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Nothing delivers your insights more powerfully in a client debrief than video footage from a respondent, in their everyday context explaining exactly what your analysis has concluded.

Video Diary Studies using autoethnography have been successfully completed by our clients targeting respondents ranging from 8 to 80 years of age in both Business to Consumer and Business to Business contexts.

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