How a mobile diary-study helped a takeaway food chain to understand the full path-to-purchase through food-delivery apps.


The way in which we order our takeaway has gone through a rapid transition in recent years. Where we would once have made a trip to a small diner and waited a few minutes for a grab-and-go, we now make the order from the comfort of our own home, on our mobile and have it delivered to our doorstep. 


The Challenge


There’s no doubt that it is incredibly convenient and easy, but it has become a challenge to understand the customer journey and experience of consumers when it comes to takeaway foods.

With consumers selecting a restaurant online, choosing their meal from an app or website and then ordering and consuming the meal from the comfort of their sofa, there is no real-life interaction with customers to gauge their reactions and experiences with regard to the product or service.

Without the face-to-face interaction, much is lost in understanding the experience.


The Goals


  • Understand the daily eating habits of consumers and how they source and consume foods

  • Understand the full path-to-purchase from ordering to consuming takeaways purchased on food-delivery apps

  • Gain instant feedback from consumers on a newly-developed, home-delivered takeaway brand


The Solution


Our client was about to enter the takeaway food industry with a newly developed brand. They had designed new menus, branding and packaging. But before market entry, they knew that they needed to learn more about consumer experiences, behaviors and habits when it came to ordering food through delivery apps. 

Using our scheduled tasking strategy, our client first tasked respondents with introducing themselves in a selfie video and explaining their motivations and experiences around takeaway and food-delivery apps.

In addition, respondents were then tasked with recording a food diary of their meals over the week, as well as posting screenshots of food inspiration they stumbled upon online and in traditional media sources. This diary gave a periscope into all aspects of their eating routines over the week.

Our client then truly delved into the respondents use of takeaway delivery apps. During the week, they tasked the respondents with using our mobile screen-recording function to capture their phone usage, as they made a purchase via a delivery app. This gave an in-the-moment insight into the experience of both the app and the ordering process. The next task, saw respondents document the delivery of the meal and review their experience in real-time. Finally, once they had consumed their meal, they recorded a selfie video to evaluate and reflect on their experience. As weekday and weekend behaviors differ, respondents were then tasked to repeat this process later in the week, to compare and contrast their behaviors and motivations.


The final phase of the project saw respondents reviewing our clients website and again going through the order and delivery of our clients newly-developed offering and an evaluation selfie video. In this phase, they again used our mobile screen-recording function to get feedback from respondents on a new website, as well as instant feedback on the recently-designed packaging.

Over the course of the project, our client received almost 400 uploads from respondents, in response to 13 tasks,

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