How Indeemo helped a museum to understand the full customer journey and experience of their visitors


As consumers increasingly seek out unique and memorable experiences over material goods, museums and galleries have seen more tourists and visitors coming through their doors. Visitors are seeking an experiential journey that leaves them with lasting memories and valuable, new knowledge. In an industry where reviews are readily available online for potential visitors, ensuring a flawless experience from the booking process right up to leaving the attraction is the key to reputation, continued footfall and ultimate success.


The Challenge


Our clients museum was a leading attractions in one of Europe's major cities. They prided themselves of providing one of the best experiences in the city for visitors that left a lasting impression.

Although visitors were positive in their reflections about their experience in the museum, they really wanted to understand much more about their journey. They wanted to know how visitors found and decided to visit the museum. They wanted to see in real-time, how visitors reacted to every aspect of the museum and tour and get an immediate, authentic reflection from visitors after they had completed their tour.

To truly provide the flawless experiential journey they offered, they needed to understand every aspect of it.


The Goals


Our clients goals were to:

  • Gain an insight into the desires, motivations and expectations of customers prior to visiting their museum

  • Witness every stage of the customer journey in real-time

  • Gauge visitors immediate reactions to their experiential journey upon completing their museum visit.


The Solution


By using the Indeemo app, respondents were able to diary every step of the customer experience in a series of photos, videos and text uploads. Using our all-at-once tasking methodology, our client gave respondents 10 tasks to be completed, covering every stage in the journey. This included a pre-visit selfie video outlining expectations, the journey to the museum, arriving at the museum, a photo and video diary of their in-museum journey as well as the journey home and reflections on the experience. An additional task also allowed our client to gather feedback from visitors on a new exhibition that had recently been added to the museum.

By utilising Indeemos ability to segment respondents into target groups, they were able to compare and contrast the experience and journey of both experts and enthusiasts of the museums theme as well as the more casual visitor. In doing so, this allowed them to see exactly how the expectations and experiences differed.

Over the course of a week, they received almost 400 in-the-moment uploads from visitors at every stage of the customer journey. By walking in the shoes of their visitors, they were able to get a visual, raw insight into the full experiential journey of their visitors. From the highlights to the lowlights, our client got to visit their own museum, but through the eyes and minds of their customers.


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