Using mobile ethnography to understand runners work-out activities.

In the competitive world of sports footwear, our client provides the ultimate running shoe designed for the most challenging conditions. By embracing runners needs, they have created a running show which competes with even the most established sportswear brand.


The Challenge

Understanding the exercise habits of consumers was proving difficult for our client. To guide their marketing strategy, they needed to capture and diary contextual, everyday behaviours of marathon runners right down to recreational runners. However, as with anyone on the move, it was proving a challenge to understand the habits, routines and needs of this particular set of consumers.

Moreover, they needed to understand how consumer habits varied from country-to-country and from person-to-person adding an extra layer of complexity to the project.

The Goals


Our clients objectives were to:

  • Get inside the heads of runners of all abilities to understand their motivations when it came to their workout routines

  • Capture media rich posts showing everyday routines and actions of runners

  • Discover what running shoe brands were favoured by different levels of runners


The Solution


Using Indeemo, our client was able to complete a multi-country ethnography project, capturing rich, real-life moments from consumers over the course of a week-long diary study. Respondents uploaded photos, videos and text responses to tasks giving a full insight into their running routines. From the trails to the city streets, Indeemo was there with respondents every step of the way!

Indeemo was also able to assist in rolling out the project to 4 different countries, in 4 different languages gaining an understanding of how behaviours varied throughout different regions. Our client also identified 3 different ability levels of runners which we were then able to ascribe to individual target groups. This allowed them to have 14 target groups in the project, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how each of these different targets differed in their attitudes and behaviours. For such a wide-reaching and comprehensive study, Indeemo was invaluable in enabling our client to cut down the costs of such a large-scale geographic project.


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