How a mobile diary study helped a recreational activity provider to assess the potential for a market expansion.


Our client offers a unique leisure experience where consumers socialise in an activity-based setting. Unlike the typical bar or club, customers had the addition of a sports activity and themed setting to enjoy social occasions with peers. Whilst it was unorthodox, consumers loved the concept and it is a success in its original market.


The Challenge


Our client felt that the time had come for a market-expansion, but they weren’t sure about the appetite for such an offering in their intended market.

Given that it was such a niche experience, they needed to ensure that they could position their brand correctly if they were to scale internationally.

However, to assess the demand for their offering in their intended market, they faced a costly, time-consuming and risky research project. With any international expansion, there is always a worry that the same brand positioning will not resonate with consumers.


The Goals


  • Assess the viability of scaling a leisure activity into an international market

  • Understand consumers attitudes to current branding and messaging in a new market

  • Gain real-life insights from consumers that would guide pitches to venture capitalists, helping to convince them of the international scaling potential


The Solution


At Indeemo, we love to hear about any projects with an international element. We know that mobile ethnography is disruptively cost and efficient when seeking insights from consumers in international markets, so when this our client told us about this project, we knew we could help.

Once our client had recruited 27 respondents in their target market, they used our scheduled tasking methodology to gain insights from through 19 tasks over the course of a week. Using a two pronged approach, initial tasks focussed on learning about respondents rituals, routines, motivations and habits when it comes to socialising with friends in their city. Through selfie videos, regular videos and photos, they quickly built a visual snapshot of the social scene in the city and what made it tick.

Once respondents had introduced themselves and their social lives, they then set about understanding respondents attitudes to their experiential social offering. Using Indeemos ability to embed photos and videos into tasks, our client began to gather instant feedback on their adcepts and concepts. By presenting them with everything from YouTube and Facebook adverts, photos of current venues to drinks and food menus, they began to see how their brand resonated with respondents in the instant feedback.

Using our in-the-moment probing functionality, they were also able to delve into the opinions of respondents as they uploaded in real-time In this regard, Indeemos mobile screen recording was also powerful. This allowed respondents to review our clients website and give feedback using our voice capture feature as they browsed the site on their mobile.

Over the course of the project, our client received almost 400 uploads from respondents, creating a visual, contextual insight of respondents social lives and their reactions to their own offering.


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