Remove the need for a central location by getting respondents to video how they experience your concepts and products, in-context and in-the-moment.


Agile, authentic, Concept and Product Testing


Concept & Adcept Testing

Embed photo or video based Concepts and Adcepts in your tasks and get instant, in-the-moment feedback using video.


Out of the box Experience

Capture the out of the box experience as respondents video themselves opening the package in the comfort of their own homes.


Product Tests / IHUTs

Ship blinded samples to your respondents homes and see exactly how they open, assemble, use and consume your products.

Experience how people interact with your products and services in their everyday context.


Get a richer, in-the-moment perspective on what really matters to your customers.

Test your concepts and products, in-context and in-the-moment

In-the-moment video immerses you in the real-life context of your target customer and enables you to capture rich, authentic feedback that can accelerate and enrich your concept and product testing.

Self Ethnography gives Respondents the flexibility to provide feedback at a time and location that best suits them and can increase the depth of insight compared to central location testing.


Mobile Product Testing & IHUT apps

  • Ship physical products or packages to respondents homes.

  • Test Graphical Concepts by embedding images in Tasks.

  • Test Adcepts by embedding videos or linking to third party URL.

  • Tasks can be assigned in any language.


Product testing: anywhere, anytime

  • Intuitive mobile apps enable you to task respondents in any location.

  • Respondents record their feedback using point-of-view or selfie videos.

  • Videos recorded in the Respondent’s home add a layer of richness to the feedback.

  • Video duration and resolution can be tailored to each project’s requirements.


Probe and interact

  • Engage and interact with respondents while they are testing your concept or product.

  • Probe responses and ask follow up questions using comments.

  • Push notifications instantly alert respondents and speed up response times.

Tester uploads are immediately aggregated on a simple to use dashboard for analysis and moderation.

Desktop notifications ensure you never miss a new post or respondent comment.

Flexible roles and permissions enable multiple stakeholders to view and analyse feedback.

Analyse and synthesise feedback from multiple test phases, in multiple locations on a single, user friendly interface.

Concept & Product Testing Insights Dashboard


How our Concept & Product Testing technology works

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Use Cases for Concept & Product Testing using Mobile Ethnography

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Reaching Medical Specialists today for any form of research is more challenging than ever. Given their intense schedules and the fact that… Read More →

iHUT Product Testing

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TV Streaming

The way in which we watch TV has become unrecognisable in recent years as we transition from terrestrial and cable TV to streaming…Read More →


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Indeemo has been used successfully to test concepts, products and adverts ranging from smart wearable devices to low calorie beer to recycling advertising campaigns to comms testing aimed at medical consultants.

Our customers consistently remark on the richness of the feedback that can be captured using video and autoethnography compared to lab or central location testing.

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Learn how Mobile Ethnography can supplement your research projects and generate richer contextual insights for your brands.

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