Whether it’s a quick trip to the local store, a big ticket purchase or an impulse driven e-commerce transaction, we help you capture every in-store and online touchpoint and milestone of the real shopper experience.


How Mobile Ethnography can support your Shopper Research

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Path to Purchase Research

Agile solutions to help you better understand what happens before shoppers enter your store or e-commerce site.

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In-store Shopper Research

Get a media rich, in-the-moment understanding of how shoppers really decide, behave and feel at the point-of-purchase.

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Mobile Ecommerce UX

Use Mobile Screen Recording to understand what shoppers really think of your mobile ecommerce shopping experience.

With Indeemo, you get to walk in the shoes of your shoppers.


Experience every trigger, barrier and touchpoint of your shoppers journey

Shopper Insights made simple

Whether pre-store, in-store or on mobile, Indeemo helps you better understand the shopping micro-moments that matter to your customers.

mobile ethnography app for shopper research

Mobile Shopper Research Apps

  • Start with what’s in their refrigerator, pantry or on their shopping list.

  • Understand their expectations before going in store.

  • Use point of view, in-store videos and photos to see exactly what’s on display.

  • In-store videos capture their point-of-purchase influences and decisions.


Probe at the point of purchase

  • Engage with respondents in-store using comments and push notifications.

  • Ask follow up questions within seconds of reviewing in-store videos and photos.

  • Dig deeper into what really motivates and influences shopper behaviours.

mobile ethnography app for shopper research
mobile ethnography app for shopper research

Mobile Screen Recording

  • See exactly what your online shopping experience is like.

  • Understand each step of the mobile and online path to purchase.

  • Screen recordings add an additional layer of understanding.

  • Witness exactly what content they engage with and why.

  • Optimise your user experience and increase conversions.

Ideal for centralising shopper research across multiple stores in a single dashboard.

Shopper’s uploads are seamlessly aggregated on a simple to use dashboard.

View each Shoppers Journey in a media rich, chronological timeline.

Quickly analyse and synthesise data with powerful analysis tools.

Your Ethnographic Shopper Insights Dashboard

mobile ethnography dashboard for shopper research

How our Shopper Research technology works

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Use Cases for Shopper Research


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Autoethnography is a cost effective, media rich, scalable solution that enables you to witness the split second point-of-purchase decisions that Shoppers make.

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Mobile Ethnography White Paper

Learn how Mobile Ethnography can supplement your research projects and generate richer contextual insights for your brands.

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