How a consumer insights agency used a diary-study to enable an IHUT of a new low-alcohol beer.

Our client specialises in securing powerful consumer insights. One such industry that they were frequently asked to work in was alcoholic beverages sector. In recent times, this has come to include the non-alcoholic and low-alcohol offerings being developed by the large, traditional alcohol companies.


The Challenge

The beer scene is changing! And no one is more aware of this than the traditional beer companies who have made little change to their staple products in decades. The low/no-alcohol trend has developed rapidly, with sales of low/no-alcohol drinks have rising by more than 20.5% recents years.

But the growth of this market brought a challenge for the beer industry. Whilst they were able to create the product for market, they foresaw a long and costly journey to understanding just how consumers would react to it. When our client approached us, they had been tasked by a long-established beer company with delving into the user experience of their low-alcohol offering.

The Goals


Our clients objectives were to:

  • Get consumers feedback on their user experience of their low-alcohol offering

  • Understand what features consumer desired in a low-alcohol offering

  • Understand the motivations and influences that inspire low-alcohol purchasing decisions

  • Gather respondents instant feedback on the newly designed packaging and branding


The Solution


When our client approached us, they had a real challenge on their hands. They had done countless studies seeking similar results and knew the nature of beer studies made them sticky.

Working with indeemo, our client decided that an IHUT would get them the real-life, unbiased feedback that the brand was demanding. After recruiting 135 respondents, our client dispatched a binded-beer-sample to each. The respondent were then able to provide media-rich, in-the moment responses both giving their thoughts of beers in general and then completing a video task of the product test.

One of the challenges that had frequently occurred in beverage-testing studies was gathering unbiased feedback on alcoholic products. By using Indeemos media-rich features they were now getting invaluable insights from 135 individual respondents in their own homes.


Additionally, by removing the need for a central location, our client significantly reduced costs, moderation and counteracted the natural difficulties that had inhibited previous non/low-alcohol quantitative studies. An all-at-once task list meant that respondents could also try the products over the course of a few weeks and diary their authentic, in-the-moment experience of the product. This placed the product in a real-life situation where it would ordinarily be consumed giving some extremely media-rich insights into real-life, low-alcohol beverage moments.

By distributing the product to users and enabling them to record their unboxing experience from the point of delivery, our client was also able to gather instantaneous feedback from the respondents on the packaging and branding of the beer. By gathering this feedback from the very moment it arrived at their door, it avoided respondents giving developing bias and other problems associated with post-rationalised feedback.

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Indeemo has been used successfully to test concepts, products and adverts ranging from smart wearable devices to low calorie beer to recycling advertising campaigns to comms testing aimed at medical consultants.

Our customers consistently remark on the richness of the feedback that can be captured using video and autoethnography compared to lab or central location testing.

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