How a Media Advertiser used a week-long mobile diary study to understand importance of context in coffee-sharing moments

Our client was a Media Advertiser that worked predominantly with FMCG brands. They positioned themselves as experts in food and beverage advertising, based upon years of experience within the industry. They produced resonant and engaging adverts that had proven to be highly effective in building brand recognition and boosting sales over sustained periods of time.


The Challenge

When our client approached us, they had recently been contacted by an established coffee-producing brand. As coffee makers, they believed that they had a premium-quality product that was loved by consumers.

But our client had come to realise, that they knew little about the role that coffee played in the lives of these consumers. They knew that consumers enjoyed coffee with friends and family, but they didn’t know what type of occasions their consumers used premium-quality coffee for. To create an effective and resonant advert, they needed to understand the real-life moments in which consumers consumed good coffee.

They needed to see coffee in the context of respondents lives to properly understand the behaviours, rituals and routines around which coffee played an integral part.

The Goals


Our clients objectives were to:

  • Understand the everyday context in which coffee was consumed

  • Understand the cultural significance of coffee within various social settings

  • Gain an insight into the natural behaviours that coffee consumption inspired in individual respondents and their social groups


The Solution


Working with indeemo, our client decided that they would need to embed themselves within the lives of coffee-drinkers over the course of a week. In order to do so, we suggested an all-at-once tasking strategy. This allowed respondents to see all their tasks at once and complete them in the natural, in-context coffee moments that emerged throughout the week.

To really understand the respondents, they assigned 8 tasks to the respondents for completion over the course of the week. These tasks incorporated themes including family, rituals, routines and coffee both in the home and in social occasions. Also incorporated in to the project was a shopping journey which captured respondents going in-store and selecting a coffee from the shelf. These tasks garnered over 1,000 media-rich, in-the-moment coffee-related uploads in people's lives over the course of the week.


Over the course of the project, our client saw it all. From the happy and sad moments where coffee played a role, to the work and pleasure occasions where coffee played its part. From the wake-up stimulant in the car to work, to the catch-up with old-friends at the weekend, Indeemo gave a periscope into consumption of coffee in all the respondents lives.

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