Supplement your In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups:

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Pre-Tasking & Pre-work

Get to know how Respondents really behave, think and act ahead of your face to face meetings by assigning pre-tasks and pre-work.

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Usage & Attitude Studies

Flexible tasking options and media rich uploads enable Respondents to show you exactly how they consume and experience products and services.

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Go deeper with Post-Tasking

Post tasking your Focus Group and IDI participants enables you to more deeply engage and understand them once they leave the facility.

Using Indeemo for Pre-Tasking and Post-Tasking

Show me, don’t tell me: tasking on Indeemo enables you to vividly capture Respondent’s everyday activities in a media rich manner that gives you a deeper understanding of how they act, behave and feel, in-context and in the moment.

mobile ethnography app for mobile pre tasking and post tasking

Intuitive Respondent Apps

  • Our simple to use apps enable Respondents to quickly complete pre-tasks.

  • Flexible tasking options support multiple research methodologies.

  • Tasks can be scripted on an All-at-once, Scheduled or Sequential basis.

  • Push notifications automatically alert Respondents when Tasks are activated.


Multi language, multimedia

  • Ideal for international research: tasks can be scripted in any language.

  • Video intros help you quickly build rapport and increase engagement.

  • Embed image or video based stimuli for agile Concept / Adcept testing.

  • Sequential tasking enables you to control exactly how stimuli are revealed.

  • Respondents complete tasks using Text, Photos, Videos or Screen Recordings.

mobile ethnography app for mobile pre tasking and post tasking
mobile ethnography app for mobile pre tasking and post tasking

Interactive and engaging

  • Moderation on Indeemo is as familiar as commenting on Facebook.

  • Researcher comments enable you to instantly probe Respondent uploads.

  • Push notification reminders ensure consistently high completion rates.

Responses to Tasks are instantly displayed on a Pinterest style dashboard for moderation and analysis.

Effortlessly track Respondent activity and Task Completion.

Efficiently Moderate & Analyse Respondent uploads

mobile ethnography dashboard for mobile pre tasking and post tasking

How the Technology works

Want to learn more? Click on this button for detailed information about how the platform works and how projects are activated.

Use Cases for Mobile Pre-Tasking & Pre-Work

Health & Wellness

The end client was obsessed with natural medicine and had a passion for helping people eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. They were the… Read More →

Air Travel

Our client was involved in Customer Experience research across a range of industries. They’d recently been approached by a leading airline… Read More →


Understanding the lives of patients is key when it comes to providing quality care and relief to alleviate their suffering. For that reason, healthcare… Read More →


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Indeemo has been used successfully for pre-tasking and post-tasking across a wide range of industries in both B2C and B2B contexts.

Pre-work assignments can last as little as 10-20 minutes or can go on for 1-2 weeks.

Clients consistently tell us how much more productive their face-to-face sessions are as a result of getting to know respondents through Indeemo before they meet in person.

If you'd like to learn more about supplementing your next research project with some task based activities, please submit your details here and we will get back to you ASAP.

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Mobile Ethnography White Paper

Learn how Mobile Ethnography can supplement your research projects and generate richer contextual insights for your brands.

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