How Mobile Ethnography can support your User Experience Design projects


Longitudinal Diary Studies

Go wide: get a deeper understanding of contextual user behaviours, motivations and attitudes over a period of time using Longitudinal Diary Studies.


User Experience Diaries

Get specific: use video diaries to capture in-the-moment, media rich feedback every time users interact with your product, service or experience.


Mobile Screen Recording

Mobile Screen Recording shows you exactly how users discover, navigate and interact with mobile websites and mobile applications.

Experience how users behave in context and in the moment.


Get a richer understanding of both the user and the interaction.

Understand your user experience in context and in-the-moment

In-the-moment, in-context, user research Diary Studies are a powerful, scalable and cost effective way for you heighten user empathy by immersing yourself in the everyday lives of your users.

Understand both your user and their interactions using longitudinal diary studies with task based user research.


User Experience Diary Study Apps

  • Our apps help you understand both the user and their interactions.

  • Get a media rich, holistic view of a week-in-the-life of your target user.

  • Understand what they do, where and when they do it and how it makes them feel.

  • Heighten user empathy as daily rituals and routines start to emerge.


Inquire in context using push notifications

  • Interact with users using comments and push notifications.

  • Probe and question users’ behaviours, habits, and opinions.

  • Build rapport and elicit thoughtful and genuine responses.

  • Push notification reminders maintain Respondents engagement.


Mobile Screen Recording for UX research

  • Get a richer understanding of smartphone usage behaviours.

  • Witness exactly how users interact with any Website or App.

  • Hear their voices as they narrate what they are doing and feeling.

  • Ideal for UX Research, Usability Testing or Path to Purchase research projects.

UX Diary Study Insights Dashboard

User uploads are seamlessly organised on our insights dashboard for analysis and moderation.

Interact with users while they are in context and probe their uploads using comments and push notifications.

Flexible roles and permissions ensure team-wide user empathy is quickly developed.

Save time on analysis using automated video transcription, keyword tools and intuitive coding.


How our User Experience Diary Study technology works

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Use Cases for User Experience Diary Studies

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Indeemo is used by Experience Designers and User Researchers for diary studies and observational research ranging from understanding how people shop online to recording how business people book taxis at an airport to understanding out of the box experiences to observing how consumers shop for snacks at convenience stores.

Our Research and Design clients consistently remark on the richness and depth of insights that they can capture using Mobile Ethnography.

The ability to seamlessly analyse contextual video from multiple respondents on a single dashboard can significantly improve the efficiency at which researchers can analyse and synthesise this behavioural data.

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Learn how Mobile Ethnography can supplement your research projects and generate richer contextual insights for your brands.

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