Indeemo’s Mobile Screen Recording App makes it easy to understand exactly how people navigate and use Mobile Websites and Apps. 

What Designers and Researchers use Screen Recording for

How Mobile Screen Recording works

Indeemo’s Mobile Screen Recording App gives you unparalleled visibility into how people actually use their mobile devices.

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Record how users navigate websites

Available for iPhone and Android smartphones, Indeemo shows you exactly how users navigate websites, search for content and make purchases on mobile.

We record the pages they visit, what they tap on and a voice recording that captures exactly what they are feeling and thinking.

Ideal for UX research, User Testing, Customer Journey and Path to Purchase research, screen recording videos are seamlessly uploaded to our Dashboard for moderation and analysis.

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See exactly how people use Apps

Our Android Screen Recording functionality enables you to record usage of any App or Website on Android Smartphones.

Understand what Apps people use, how they use them and what features they like or dislike.

See what content they consume, what Playlists they prefer and what websites they visit. Get feedback on your mobile UX. Understand if your latest feature is adding value or not.

Most consumer journeys start on mobile. Indeemo helps you capture every step of that journey from trigger to transaction.

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Push Notification Probes and Reminders

  • Instantly probe respondent uploads using Push Notifications.
  • Desktop alerts keep you notified when Respondents reply.
  • Push notification reminders maximise engagement.

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Intuitive Insights Dashboard

Seamlessly aggregate, organise and moderate respondent uploads in our simple to use Dashboard.

Powerful search tools and filters help you quickly find the content you’re looking for.

Automated video transcription and keyword tools make it easy to surface themes and trends.

Easily Tag, Code, Collage and Export responses for your analysis and reporting.

Indeemo Mobile Screen Recording App Dashboard

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Mobile Screen Recording is a quick, agile way to get a deeper understanding of your customers’ smartphone usage behaviours.

It is an ideal supplement to Diary Studies, UX, Path-to-Purchase and Customer Journey research projects.

If you’d like to discuss your research requirements and hear some suggestions about how Screen Recording can enrich your existing research, please submit your details here and we will get back to you ASAP.

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